The Top 7 Healthy Restaurants in Chicago

healthy restaurants in Chicago

Loving to go out to eat doesn’t have to lead to unhealthy decisions. You can still enjoy fun meals out without the greasy temptations offered by some restaurants.

If you’re looking for healthy restaurants in Chicago, you’ve come to the right place.

Use it or lose it!

Imagine, if you will, running down the street to make an appointment, or learning to deadlift over 200 pounds, or taking a ballet class. Now imagine doing any of those things at 50, 60, 70, and beyond…

Does it sound possible? Or does it sound like something only an elite few will experience?

The Low-Down on Vitamin B-12


Is your body in need of Vitamin B-12?

If you constantly feel like you have been zapped of energy it’s possible that your body is lacking proper amounts of vitamin B-12.  This important vitamin is normally found in animal food sources (particularly red meat) and helps to prevent against muscle weakness, depression, and swelling of the hands and feet.

Listen To Your Inner Runner

So, you have decided that you want to be a runner. It’s your first day hitting the pavement and you feel confident, excited and proud of yourself.

But you’re worried about staying motivated.

You know that if you don’t keep moving, you will never make running a lifelong habit.

You + A Partner = Great Motivation!

There is no better way to create a bond with your special someone than by focusing on your fitness goals together.

Research has shown that couples who workout together are more likely to train longer and harder than when they go at it solo.

Whether you like to head to the gym or head outdoors, there are many exercises and activities that can be participated in as a duo.

Pump Some Iron Together :

Personal trainers in Chicago say, “Have your partner spot you when you are lifting free weights in the gym to be sure you aren’t taking on too much weight. This encourages eye contact and communication between the two of you.”  Have your partner watch your form and tell them to be vocal when they see any mistakes you may be making.

Go Rock Climbing:

This power activity is also good for communication, and it allows you both to show literal support.  During your climb, tell your partner to be your second set of eyes while you are trying to get a grip on that next step.

Play Tennis:

If you both have a competitive streak, grab some racquets and a few balls and hit the court.  Tennis offers cardio while sharpening hand-eye coordination.  If you have a set of competitive friends, play a few games of doubles, the teamwork between you and your partner can be very beneficial for the relationship.

Use Your Body Weight:   

If it’s Sunday afternoon and both of you want a great workout, but don’t want to leave the house, using nothing but your bodyweight to rotate between sets of pushups, squats, jumping jacks, and sit-ups is a great way to bond and have fun while getting the exercise you need.

 Go For A Run:

Cardo is always better when you have a partner.  If you plan to go to the gym, run on two treadmills that are located side-by-side so you can keep the conversation going.  An outdoor run can be even more fun, especially if you treat yourselves to some sweet companionship with a destination date for afterwards.

Go Salsa Dancing:

This spicy set of dance moves combines physical activity with an atmosphere that is romantic in nature.   Many Chicago personal training studios offer classes, or you can just hit the town and learn alongside performing dancers in a local salsa dance hall.  The physical contact along with the music is sure to keep both of you close for the duration of the workout.

Working with a partner offers more encouragement when you’re feeling tired and it’s also a great way to strengthen trust and communication in your relationship.

So, the next time you are looking to achieve that fitness high, get pumped with the help of someone you love.

Simple Changes You Can Make To Lose Weight

Simple Diet Changes


Making small changes to your diet can surprisingly add up quick to calorie reduction when trying to achieve and maintain a goal weight.

Preparation is Key

One of the most important factors when trying to shed the pounds is being prepared for each day.  At the beginning of the week, try to portion your fruit and veggies into small containers so you will be more likely to eat a healthy lunch and healthier snacks. By cutting your food up into convenient snack sized portions and storing them in the fridge, you will be saving yourself some time and also cutting back the calories.

Don’t Hide The Good Stuff

Keep fruit in a bowl on the kitchen table instead of hidden away in the bottom drawer of the fridge.  You want all of your fresh and healthy foods in plain sight for you to grab when you feel hungry.

Fill yourself with protein

Protein is the most satisfying nutrient and will keep you fuller longer.  Oatmeal and nuts are great sources of protein and if you need to add a dose to your meals, try using one scoop of protein powder to your shakes and smoothies.

Remove the temptations from your pantry

 It’s time to throw out all of your high-calorie snacks that are poisoning your refrigerator and cabinets.  It may seem wasteful at first but it is important you keep sugary, fat filled food out of your sight so that you aren’t tempted to indulge.  If you have lots of canned and dry goods that are unopened, consider donating them to a local food bank. Remember, food that is out of your sight with be out of your mind as well.

Don’t Scarf

When you are eating, be sure you chew slowly and enjoy your food.  Take small bites and focus on the way the food tastes instead of how much you can get in your mouth.  It takes 20 or 30 minutes for your brain to recognize that the stomach is getting full.  By taking your time to eat you will ultimately be consuming way less.

  Use a Smaller Plate and Fill it with Veggies  

To trick your brain that you are eating enough to be satisfied, try using a smaller sized plate and filling at least half of it up with vegetables at lunch and dinner.  You will feel full at the end of the meal without having consumed so many calories.

Stay Away From High Calorie Beverages         

Alcoholic beverages, juice, sodas and sugary coffee drinks can really pack on the pounds if you aren’t careful.  Drink water with your meals instead, and if you have to have something with a little more flavor, try adding a slices of lemon and orange, or a sprig of mint.

Remember too that when you are shopping for groceries, the healthiest foods are located around the perimeter of the store. Pre-packaged, high calorie, and sugary foods are usually stocked on the middle shelves.  

For help with creating a healthy eating plan, find a personal trainer today!

Boredom and stress can make you feel like eating also but avoid this, because it is emotional eating.  

Chicago personal trainers say, “Try going for a walk instead and see how you feel afterward.”

Create A Playlist That Motivates You!


This chart approximates what beats per minute (BPM ) corresponds to your walking, jogging or running speed.  The chart is based off of averages and you can use it to help find your personal BPM , then calculate the beats per minute for your favorite songs.  Get  in sync, literally, with the music to create an ultimate workout playlist.

We all know that exercising becomes monotonous after awhile, which is why most people don’t stick to a much needed weekly routine.

One of the easiest ways to get the spring back in your step during that daily run is to take full advantage of the music that moves you! Create a different set of songs for high-energy workouts, at home yoga sessions, or for that grueling hour of spinning.  No matter the genre or the workout, music helps us stay engaged and excited for the duration of what’s ahead.

There are known connections between music and athletic performance, so if to you, 90’s grunge equals adrenaline, then pack your playlist with Nirvana.

Follow along with the steps below to create your ultimate workout playlist that will have you up off the couch and melting fat away with the music.

 Warm Up Songs

For the first few songs on your playlist you want something that will inspire and motivate.  Something with somewhat of a moderate tempo that will accompany light stretching.  Choose songs that are somewhat lengthy depending on the amount of time you plan to warm up, usually two to three songs that run for about three to four minutes.

Get Moving Songs

After you are really moving and warmed up, you want to hear something that is paced a little faster.  Your heart rate will be climbing up from a lighter level to a moderate level, so you will want a moderate to fast paced track, something with a catchy beat that makes you naturally want to speed up.

Keep It Up

People naturally pick up their pace when fast music is playing and slow down their pace when slower music is playing.  Be sure to keep fast and high-energy songs in this spot of your playlist.  You know those songs you hear that you can’t help but dance to?  Those are the songs you want here.  You want them to be almost impossible for you to remain still when you hear them.  The fast tempo will keep you moving at a fast pace.

Take It Back Down

After all of that heart pumping work and blood pumping music, it’s important to add in a few moderate tunes to slow yourself down a little for a short recovery period.  You’ll be out of breath so choose songs that are all time favorites or something you find a true meaning in.  During these songs you will want to slow down just a little, but still keep your motivation up enough to continue on with the workout.

Smack in the Middle Songs

Your endurance gets tested in the middle of your routine, some say it’s the hardest part. Naturally, the songs you pick to be in the middle of your playlist are going to be the hardest to choose, so choose wisely.  During this section of your playlist you will need music that holds your interest and keeps boredom at bay.  For middle of the workout music choose new favorites and songs that you are just learning the lyrics to, your focus will be in tune with something other than the pain your muscles may be feeling.  Guilty pleasures will also work well here.  No matter what you decide on, just make sure the beat keeps you moving.

The Grand Finale

These are the “I’m gonna get there songs.”  You are getting so close to the end!  The songs you choose for almost the end of the workout, are the songs you need to hear when you think you can’t keep going, but you can, so turn the volume up, LOUD! Your grand finale songs should be a rock em’ sock em’ beats of all beats.  The last few songs on your playlist has to motivate you at the time that you are feeling the most tired.  They should also let you know that the very end is near and you have just a little bit left of your workout to go.

Cool Down Time

The end is here and it’s time to cool down.  Remember to give yourself at least five minutes for cool down time, and you may need more than one song to cool down to.  These songs should be your celebration songs, because let’s face it, we always feel like celebrating when we have completed our days worth of exercise.  Choose your most favorite feel good music for the last song spots on your playlist and also, feel proud of yourself because you did it!

Don’t forget though that weight training should still be your primary form of exercise some come try out a session with one of the best personal trainers in Chicago.